In addition to our free appraisal service, we offer formal valuations for the purposes of insurance, probate, family division, charitable contribution, gift and divorce.

COVID 19 safety: The Auctioneer can still visit empty properties to carry out probate valuations and wears appropriate protection whilst in the property. Please contact us by email.

Timely Written Valuations

We offer a fast, professional probate valuation service to help assess the value of possessions for Inheritance Tax purposes.

Our valuations comply with HMRC Inheritance Tax rules, making it easy to complete Inheritance Tax forms accurately and in accordance with tax laws.

The auctioneer will visit the property and will compile a detailed comprehensive assessment and inventory, including photographs if required.

Each report is bound and typically sent within a week of the auctioneer's visit. All appraisals are confidential.

We offer a simple structure of pricing for this service based on a cost per hour basis at an extremely competitive rate.

House Clearance

We can also offer a full 'clean sweep' house clearance service, where we will first appraise the contents and remove items which are suitable for sale at auction.

Contact the office on 01730 233933 or email to arrange an appointment.